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Following the mysterious death of his father, native Grey Antooguk owns the most sought after, oil-laden land surrounding the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the North Slope of Alaska. In spite of its value and the many powerful forces conspiring to own it, Grey has vowed to never give up his land. 

Colton Shaw, Project Manager for Gold Coast Pipeline Construction Company, and his crew have come to Kaktovik to provide the village with basic amenities. Underneath their job lies a hidden agenda: to find a way to acquire the oil-rich Antooguk land. 

Colton has brought his wife, Reed, to the village on her first trip to the North Slope. When Grey sees Reed for the first time he immediately sets his sights on having her at any cost, in spite of his long-standing and well-known hatred of white people. 
Further complicating the situation is the presence of Delaney Delingfield, the office manager for Gold Coast, who uses her job as an opportunity to take back the oil land she believes was wrongfully taken from her, and exposes a thirty year old secret. Delaney conspires with Grey to eliminate any obstacles in her path, unaware that Grey knows her hidden past and her present agenda. 

Passions explode and secrets abound as Winter closes in and Grey's desire for Reed is matched by the Gold Coast's crews' secret liaisons. Meanwhile, Delaney's passion for what she believes is rightfully hers drives her to devious, desperate acts. While Delaney will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including murder, Grey's desire for Reed becomes a burning obsession. 

As desperate plans unravel and hidden truths are revealed, Colton and Reed are faced with moral choices that will test their love for each other and redefine who they are. (Inspired by a true story and based on the novel, Sins of the Midnight Sons.) 

Sins of the Midnight Sons - Novel
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