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Sins of the Midnight SonsPipeline Mafia QueensDeacon's of Olive Branch

Executive Producer
The First Step - 2015

The Raiven Destiny - Filming occured May 20, 2016

The Raiven Destiny is already being recognized and titled as one of the best short films ever to be made. Joining our team is the multi-award winning, Director of Photography, Gabriel Beristain. Executive Producers, Kimberly R. Morgan, Steve Wich. Director, Writer, Creator, Rob Garcia. Producers, Peter Madrigal. Peter Mascetta, Levis Nacaj, Fred Heckart, Mel McLerran, John Logan, Wesley Chann.

Sins of the Midnight Sons - In development

The Capo's Prayer - in development

Deacons of Olive Branch - in development

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