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Kimberly R. Morgan Author
Kimberly was born and raised in Northeast Mississippi. Kimberly takes great pride in being a true Southern Belle, and a Steel Magnolia, two traits her mother instilled in her at a young age.

Kimberly began writing during her junior high and high school years for the school newspaper, mostly writing poetry. She also entered and won several county writing contest. 

In 1999, Kimberly traveled with her husband, Steve, to the North Slope of Alaska to the remote Inupiat village of Nuiqsut; population, approximately three hundred. 

Kimberly and Steve lived among the natives and oil construction workers for two years. Kimberly began to take notice of the men and women who work in a climate that can be as deadly as a shot to the heart. Experiencing temperatures that dropped to eighty below and wind gusting seventy miles an hour is quite intense to say the least. As Kimberly talked to the men that had chosen to work where Mother Nature rules with an iron fist, she knew she had a very interesting book in the making. And from this once-in-a-lifetime experience came her first book, “Sins of the Midnight Sons.” Kimberly has adapted a screenplay from the book and hopes to have a feature film made in the near future.

In 2014, Kimberly lost her husband of twenty-two years to heart failure. Dealing with such a huge loss of losing her husband, best friend, and business partner, Kimberly wrote an autobiographical book titled, “The Widow’s Wishes” in memory of Stephen Jack “Big Man” Morgan. 

In 2015, Kimberly was the executive producer for the short film, “The First Step.” This film won two Awards of Merit. Kimberly is presently the executive producer for the highly anticipated trilogy, “The Raiven Destiny” now in post-production. 

In August, 2016, Kimberly wrote and published, “The Capo’s Prayer” that immediately became an international best seller in the European/Italian market. “The Capo’s Prayer” held the top four positions for three weeks in the English, Italian paperback market and also in the English/Italian Kindle market. 

In April, 2017, Volume Two, “The Capo’s Prayer, Revelations” was released and continues to stay in the top fifty European/Italian market. Kimberly is currently writing the screenplays adapted from both books, where she is working towards a feature film. 

Once you read Morgan’s work, it becomes clear everything she sees and experiences becomes fair game for a potential book or film. Miss Morgan writes the truth, laced with a little extra spice to protect the real-life characters her material is based…

Kimberly resides in Tupelo, Mississippi, and travels to Los Angeles periodically for film work. 

International Best Selling Author & Executive Producer

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