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Kimberly R. Morgan Author
Born and raised in Northeast Mississippi, Kimberly was raised to be a true Southern Belle. Born into a Southern Baptist home, Kimberly learned early in life a person’s word represents honor and integrity, a quality you carry with you for a lifetime.

During Kimberly’s junior high and high school years, with several poems published in the school newspaper and entering several county writing contests, and winning, Kimberly found her passion for writing.

It wasn’t until 1999, after Kimberly traveled with Steve, her husband to the remote native village of Nuiqsut, in Alaska that a whole new world was opened.
During the two years, living among the Inupiat natives, and oil construction workers, Kimberly began to have an intense curiosity about the men and women who had chosen to work in these remote villages, where the climate can be as deadly as a shot to the heart and racism towards the white man is a real issue still today.

Traveling over the state of Alaska, Kimberly began writing "Sins of the Midnight Sons.”  The book is eighty percent non-fiction, as Kimberly only writes what she knows, and what she has experienced. 

In 2007, while living in Anchorage, Kimberly received a call at six thirty a.m. from a reputable New York literary agent offering her a contract. As time progressed, while working on the manuscript, the agency became so intrigued with her story, they asked for a complete expose of the North Slope, along with the real names of the characters in the book. Kimberly turned down the offer and asked to be released from her contract. For these reasons, Kimberly decided to become a self-published author, with no regrets.

In 2009, Kimberly began writing the screenplay adapted from the book. Now, the script is complete and in development. 

Kimberly now travels the lower forty-eight, where she continues to write the truth, with just a little extra spice to protect the real characters upon whom her material is based..

When Kimberly is home in Tupelo, Mississippi she enjoys spending time with her family. When traveling, Kimberly always takes her buddy, Quincy, her Norfolk Terrier.

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