The Capo's Prayer - Novel

The Capo's Prayer
Co-Authored by Fred Heckart

When a Mafia Capo falls in love with an American woman, both lives are changed, as secrets are revealed through an unbreakable bond of love.

"Tristano knew he was dealing with more than just a beautiful, blonde Southern writer of words. She was quick, razor sharp, and he liked that about her. If there was one thing he had learned after observing the Southern writer for the past few months, and reading her books, she was not only beautiful, but she had a mind, a very cunning, smart mind that seemed to rival the Capo’s business mind. It was time to change the topic of conversation. He felt the writer of words was getting too close, too quick, to finding out who he really was, and he knew it wasn’t time for the revealing of the real Tristano Garavaglia."
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The Capo's Prayer; Revelations
Co-Authored by Fred Heckart

The Garavaglia world changes dramatically as Anna gives birth to the next “Mafia Godfather.” As a rebellious son tries the patience of his powerful father, Tristano, a new world begins to evolve in the five families. As time passes, Anna takes control of the family, using her husband’s power to rectify a huge injustice, allowing the Garavaglia family to continue the undeniable power and control of the underground Mafia world.

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