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Love Scene: Reed Shaw and Grey Antooguk (Condensed Version)

INT. SHAW HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Slowly, Reed walks into the living room, frightened. As she moves further into the room, she takes notice of a large shadow.

Who’s there...? 

Grey’s manly figure now emerges in the candlelit room.

It’s you... what are you doin’ here?

Grey moves closer, Reed’s eyes welling up with fear. Grey grabs her tight around her wrist and pulls her close into him.

(Crying) Please... don’t hurt me... 

Your husband - he keeps you chained only to his wants - his needs. 
Your soul must be free to truly love- let me free you...let me love you.

Grey releases his tight grip from her wrist, then pulls Reed close into him, kissing her with intense passion and animal lust that takes Reed by surprise. She doesn’t pull away. His hands move down the front of Reed’s nightgown, the thin straps slightly fall down. Grey brushes back her silk-like hair, and softly kisses her neck. Reed takes off Grey’s parka and slowly unbuttons his shirt. She places her hand on his smooth native chest, the other hand gliding downward. Grey’s long, black native hair shines in the candlelight against his dark skin. Reed slowly begins to release her hidden desires for Grey. Suddenly, she pulls away.

 I... can’t... do this... it would break Colton’s heart.
No matter what you think of me - I do love my husband. 

Woman - you lie to yourself.

Suddenly, the wind blows open the back door, snow swirling... a shadowy, dark FIGURE stands in the doorway. Just as quickly as it appeared - it’s gone. Grey lets go of Reed. He puts his shirt back on, then his parka. In silence he walks out the door.

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